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Works great even for people with dental braces or implants.
Strengthen your teeth and gums by cleaning even in between teeth.

What is an interdental brush?

An interdental brush is a small dental brush specifically designed for cleaning between your teeth, for the small spaces a regular toothbrush cannot reach. Using an interdental brush every day, as a complement to brushing your teeth, is an efficient, effective and easy method to keep your gums and teeth fresh and healthy. Cleaning with an interdental brush prevents gums from becoming sore and inflamed, cavities and tackles bad breath.

Find your Size

Find your Size Our interdental brushes come in a range of 6 different colour coded sizes, so that you can choose a brush that fits your interdental space.

Begin with the smallest size. Do not force the brush as this may cause discomfort. It should move easily between the teeth in a back and forth motion. You may need more than one size for different areas.

Plastic Coated Wire

All sizes of Dentagenie interdental brushes have plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning. The interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning around dental implants or braces.

Directions of use

Insert the brush gently into the space between the teeth at gum level. Gently move the brush back and forth to remove plaque and debris. Do not force the brush into a space. The interdental brushes should be used once a day, preferably at night. Rinse the brush with water after each use. The cap can be placed on top to protect the brush or fixed onto the bottom to extend the handle. Dentagenie interdental brushes are reusable. Replace brush as it becomes worn out. Consult your dental practitioner for further advice.

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